Thursday, April 29, 2010

I almost forget

Oh I almost forgot.

It would be nice if readers could go to's two bosses enter poll. They are having a poll to determine which Boss to bring back into their tournament of bosses that I am a judge for. I am pushing for Eadric the Pure as he is much more fun the Lich King. The Lich King is so boring. (Like I said on twitter it's like voting for Dick Cheney to come back. Okay, the Lich King isn't that evil but still!)

So if Eadric wins a return i will give away 2 books of my books to 2 people who post pro Eadric comments (and vote for him) on the site. (By 2 books I mean 1 book each to 2 people.)


Checking In

Hi All:

Sorry, between books, a documentary movie deal and other projects it's been busy. Plus my mom was recently diagnosed with Myeloma so that's meant at least two trips to the oncologist a week.

The good news is she seems be responding to treatments quite well. They have come a long way since the 80s and even the 90s. I have to tip my hat to the folks at Interlakes Oncology they have been all been wonderful.

In news from around the world:

This is kind of a sad setback for Nasa: with the ballon crashing...

I also found Steven Hawkings comments about alien life a bit narrow minded. Yeah, Mr. Hawkings is way way way smarter than I am but as a SF writer I have a more optimistic view of alien contact. I like to think any race / civilization advanced enough to travel here would be advanced enough to be peaceful, at least mostly peaceful. We can't assume aliens will act as violently as human explorers. At this that is my hope.

On a more earthly level. I really like ABC's Modern Family. In fact I like the entire lineup of ABC's Wednesday night comedies. Those combined with In Plain Sight, make a nice evening of must see viewing.

Speaking of "must see" I remain hopeful that NBC will renew Chuck. This has been a strong year for the show.

I am also glad to see Smallville coming back for season 10. Yeah, yeah. I think it's fun.

Still not to sure what to make of the New Dr. Who. I do Mr. Tennant as the Dr. I do hope Rex is Not Your Lawyer gets picked up for the fall 2010.