Saturday, November 10, 2012

Working Daze now on Sundays

Hi all, Just a small note, Working Daze will now publish an new cartoon on Sundays. We also have a new collection book coming soon.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Plutonium Blonde as audio novel

My first novel The Plutonium Blonde is now out in Graphic Audio format as an acted out graphic novel. It ca be found here: I really love the job the graphic audio folks did. My only critique is the voice they used on the character based on my nieces Carolina and Natalia Padilla. That voice is a little off. So off in fact I may no longer be Natalia's favorite uncle. -John Zakour

Monday, April 23, 2012

Roy's Beard

Hi all: Just to let you know soon we will be letting the Working Daze readers vote on rather Roy keeps his beard or not. It is getting a little well thick...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Random Chaotic Thoughts

Hi all:

I am really actually looking forward to windows 8. It should be interesting. May replace my mac notebook with a win 8 netbook. I really want a touch screen.

I do like my new iPad though. The screen is very nice. But I still can't use the camera all that well.

I have to say the new movie Ted looks pretty funny.

I am glad baseball season is finally here.

Okay that new Nike, " I will run to you" commercial is kind of cool but the longest freaking commercial I have seen.

I posted this on Facebook: I'm starting to think part of the problem with society today is we actually have too much information to actually rationally process so we rely more on our emotions than our intellect.

Not sure about the new Total Recall movie, Colin replacing Arnold... Just doesn't seem right.

Am looking forward to new Batman and Avengers movies. Spiderman, not sure.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just thinking...

Last week in Working Daze, Roy after being bribed by a box of donuts taught Rita the Jedi mind trick. This is an ability Rita is now starting to exploit. And truth be told over the coming week (or so) she will really start to take advantage.

Now some people may say, "a jedi would never do this." But if you look back at the movies (and books and comics) many of the jedi were either too cocky or just not all that bright. Heck, they taught Anakin how to use the force, so they basically created Darth V. They had no idea the big evil (Palpatine) was amongst them. Most of them got taken out fairly easily by a bunch of clones. Clones who later became terrible shots when shooting a Luke and Hans.

I'm just saying the Jedi were human and prone to make mistakes much like Roy did. But Roy will try to make amends, eventually.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Well Friday the 13th wasn't so bad. I think people enjoyed today's working daze cartoon.

It was a weird but good day. We actually got our first snow in upstate NY. Which is very late for the first snow.

A bit of good news on the Zach front, all my Zach books will be converted to graphic audios by The Cutting Corporation/GraphicAudio®….A Movie in Your Mind™

On the app front, SetBreaker (which Scott will be spiffing up the graphics on) got a nice review here:

I also learned a good deal about Coal Gasification.

A good day.