Thursday, December 31, 2009


My father passed away in the beginning of 2009. His death was closely followed by the passing of my wife’s brother. These events sort of set the tone for the entire year.

My father lost a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. My brother in-law, a long battle with alcoholism. They are both sorely missed. As much as I am grieved by their deaths I am even more deeply saddened by the way these two diseases took two strong vibrant individuals (my father an ex-Marine and an artist, my brother inlaw a Veterinarian) and savaged them until they became mere shells of their former selves. I know the Marine in my dad never would have wanted to live the way he lived the last few years of his life, unable to do practically anything for himself. One of the saddest moments of my life is the day I looked into my father’s eyes and realized he didn’t know who I was. The light of recognition in his eyes was gone. That really hurt, even though at the time I couldn’t admit to myself that it hurt. It’s a pain that I am hoping someday others won’t have to experience. In order to do my small share to help I am going to donate 15% of the money I make for Working Daze (it's not a lot) in 2010 (and hopefully beyond) to the National Institute on Aging (

Scott and I would also like to encourage those of our readers who can to also try to make an extra contribution to their favorite cause: be it for families who deal with alcoholism (, be it cancer research, be it the boys and girls club, be it The Salvation Army (, be it whatever. We know times are tight. But even small contributions can help. Heck, sometimes just giving time to a charity can be cool.

Since this is suppose to a be a fun comic, I’ll stop sounding like an after school special. There were some good things that happened this year, the birth of a new nephew (Mr. Felipe, the boy always on the move) and new niece (TZ, the girl with those eyes) being the highlights. The family lost two members, the family gained two members. I guess that’s how the Universe works. I am sure my father Mike, and brother inlaw, Manuel, are smiling down on the two new additions. After all, my dad always loved being around young life and these are Manuel’s grandchildren.

Finally, since this is the time of giving, we’ll be doing some giving. I have a bunch of extra books around: some original Working Daze books, my latest novels and my YA book Baxter Moon. We’ll give away 10 books to 10 randomly chosen people. All you need to do is email me at: All you need to say is: I would like a book. Or something like that. If you are one of the ones chosen you will then be emailed and asked which book you would like. The goal is to start 2010 off on a nice note.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Year coming to Close

As the year is coming to a close here are some of the strange things I am thinking about.

Okay, I assume our senators and congressmen are intelligent human beings so why do they all act so ridiculous once they become senators and or congress peoples. What they heck every happened to best for country being more important than best for party. Are these guys all just trying to make sure they keep giving Jon Stewart material for the daily show?

Is it really reform without a public option?

When the heck does Chuck come back on and why the heck did NBC wait so long?? Are the Networks being run by partially trained chimps?

Is Avatar going to be Star Wars for this generation?

I'm sorry by New Moon can't be Star Wars for females cause well Star Wars was good.

Wow, I am freaking 52 years old. I remember when my dad was 52 he sure seemed old to me. Can I really be that old? I must be getting old because I am actual anxious for Christmas to get over with. I like it, I really no. I am no scrooge, but man there is a lot of hassle to the season.

Are the Buffalo Bills ever going to get the superbowl again?

Why does the new 27 inch Imac have to be so pretty? Can a computer be pretty? Yes I guess it can.

Why does reality tv seem to breed and nurture such idiots? I am looking at you Spencer and Heidi.

Note: my start of the new year post is going to be much more serious.