Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just thinking...

Last week in Working Daze, Roy after being bribed by a box of donuts taught Rita the Jedi mind trick. This is an ability Rita is now starting to exploit. And truth be told over the coming week (or so) she will really start to take advantage.

Now some people may say, "a jedi would never do this." But if you look back at the movies (and books and comics) many of the jedi were either too cocky or just not all that bright. Heck, they taught Anakin how to use the force, so they basically created Darth V. They had no idea the big evil (Palpatine) was amongst them. Most of them got taken out fairly easily by a bunch of clones. Clones who later became terrible shots when shooting a Luke and Hans.

I'm just saying the Jedi were human and prone to make mistakes much like Roy did. But Roy will try to make amends, eventually.