Thursday, January 28, 2010

One more mouse pad


Scott and I are really pleased with the number of entries in our "I want free stuff" mouse pad / clock giveaway. Who would have thought that people like free stuff!

Well we're still letting a few more entires trickle in. We're also adding another another lucky random winner. All you need to do to enter is respond to this post.

Oh it would be nice if you read more of the blog too.

The Ipad

Okay, first off every time I say, "I-pad" the 13 year old boy in me giggles. Outside of that though I can of like the name. It does fit well with Ipod and Iphone and well it is in that family.

The Ipad looks like a neat device at an okay price. I can certainly see my son replacing his Ipod touch which he uses as his "couch web browser" with and Ipad.

Now do I want an Ipad? (Snicker.) Well, and Ipad may eventually replace my Macbook when it goes but not yet. The Ipdad looks like it can be a great traveling device except when I travel I need skype and when I do skype I want video. I think it's a shame the first Ipad's don't have a web cam, but the first Iphones didn't also. I think (well hope) it's only a matter of time before we have Ipads with web cams which will be the ultimate portable skpying devices. We all won't be like it was on Dick Tracy with our little wrist tv communicators but this will be close enough for me.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What does this say about?

I'm not sure what to think about this but I find myself being much more interested in Apple's announcement coming today than I do the President's State of the Union address...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Updating more and more

Hello all:

I will update this blog and more and more often now in hopes of making it a place for Working Daze readers to turn to and hang out and share ideas and thoughts and all.

I hate to admit this but I am very excited about whatever the heck Apple is going to announce tomorrow. I told my wife I don't want a slate I need a bigger screen not a smaller but I am still fascinated by the idea. It will either be a Newton style flop (the device not the physicist) or an Iphone style success story. Apple doesn't usually go halfway. I promised my wife no matter what it is I won't buy one. I certainly won't buy one this year but I am still interested in seeing what the heck it is going to do. If it was a good webcam it could become the ultimate skyping machine.

I do have to say I am loving my 27 inch Imac. The screen is like wow. As a writer it is so nice to be able to keep a document on screen and outline on screen and a web page with information on screen.

Bill Gates was on the Daily Show last night. Jon Stewart busted out the Zune jokes. I wonder if even Bill Gates uses a Zune?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey All:

After reading all the comments on CNN about the special senator election in Ma. (it's a special election not for a special senator...) to replace Ted Kennedy I see the country is still very much divided into us and them. What ever happened to common ground and being a united country? Democrats and Republicans are suppose to be two parts of the same system but it's almost as if now they each represent different systems.

A year into the Obama administration and he is just as much a polarizing figure as GW Bush was. I actually like the president. I think he is an intelligent man with some good ideas. I like the idea that he tends to think first then act. I also believe that he has strengthen our standing in the world some. This is good. But man domestically he really needs to come through on something. I know it takes time and the situation he inherited was a mess but the economy needs to pick up for the general public not just for the people that the government bailed out. People who are no cashing big pay checks! As for the health care reform I really don't see much reform coming in this package if they get the package passed which they may not, despite the Dems vast majority in the house and senate. (Even without the seat in MA they still have an 18 person majority.)

The sad thing is (at least in my opinion) a good portion of the politicians today are much more interested in keeping their jobs and serving special interests than actually helping make this place a better country. We need more politician (or some or any) politician to say, "hey what's best for everybody not just my party." In order for that to happen I think we may need to find a president that both parties can get behind. I'm not sure such a person exist...

Actually, when I look at the Daily Show and see how Jon Stewart does such a great job of pointing out the ridiculous things both parties do, I wish Mr. Stewart would make a series run the presidency. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Winners have been notified

Hey all:

The winners of the Working Daze free book contest have been notified by e-mail.

If you didn't win this one, don't worry there is a new contest coming soon.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just some random thoughts

Hi all:

This week's post is a little (well much lighter). Just some thoughts from my brain.

Wow, NBC really messed up with the Jay Leno show by putting it in prime time. Leno seems like a decent enough guy but as a writer I hated seeing TV lose 5 hours of scripted shows a week. I'm glad the show is leaving primetime. Of course this begs the question will Conan accept being pushed back to 12:05 or jump to Fox. A lot of it is about ego, I am betting on the jump. The interesting thing is Leno and Conan were both funnier than they have been in a long time, yesterday when they were busting NBC. (Deservingly so.)

Wow, Sarah Palin will be on FoxNews. I really thought she'd be heading to CNBC. Maybe NBC will give her a 10 o'clock show?

Who will replace Simon on American Idol? I don't think he can be replaced. I think the show will eventually be usurped by Simon's new X-Factor America show.

I am so glad Chuck is back on the air. Yes, I am a geek.

In politics, our congressmen and senators can't really be as dumb as they appear. Can they? Do the senate and congress buildings have some sort of intelligence draining devices? Devices that drain your intelligence to the point that you are capable of agreeing with what your party has to say but nothing else? Yes I am looking at you Harry Reid.... Sigh.

According to ex-NY major Koch I mean ah, Giuliani, there were no terrorist attacks during the Bush administration. I guess they have that intelligence draining device in mayor's offices too. This is a really surprising statement coming from a man who's every other word is "9 11". Sigh.

Yeah, Delta is raising their charges on checked baggage! Now it will cost $23 for your first bag and $32 for your second. Yes, another reason not to fly delta. Sigh... Actually I think this is delta's master plan to help us all get into great shape by carrying around even heavier carry on luggage.

Mark McGuire admits to using steroids. Surprisingly no one not even my mother.