Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hey All:

After reading all the comments on CNN about the special senator election in Ma. (it's a special election not for a special senator...) to replace Ted Kennedy I see the country is still very much divided into us and them. What ever happened to common ground and being a united country? Democrats and Republicans are suppose to be two parts of the same system but it's almost as if now they each represent different systems.

A year into the Obama administration and he is just as much a polarizing figure as GW Bush was. I actually like the president. I think he is an intelligent man with some good ideas. I like the idea that he tends to think first then act. I also believe that he has strengthen our standing in the world some. This is good. But man domestically he really needs to come through on something. I know it takes time and the situation he inherited was a mess but the economy needs to pick up for the general public not just for the people that the government bailed out. People who are no cashing big pay checks! As for the health care reform I really don't see much reform coming in this package if they get the package passed which they may not, despite the Dems vast majority in the house and senate. (Even without the seat in MA they still have an 18 person majority.)

The sad thing is (at least in my opinion) a good portion of the politicians today are much more interested in keeping their jobs and serving special interests than actually helping make this place a better country. We need more politician (or some or any) politician to say, "hey what's best for everybody not just my party." In order for that to happen I think we may need to find a president that both parties can get behind. I'm not sure such a person exist...

Actually, when I look at the Daily Show and see how Jon Stewart does such a great job of pointing out the ridiculous things both parties do, I wish Mr. Stewart would make a series run the presidency. :)


Kristina said...

We need a president who actually listens to the people and who doesn't try to make government even bigger.

We need someone who has the integrity to look into the global warming scandal before trying to push a law that would cripple our economy and might not do any good.

Johnzakour said...

One thing for sure there are no quick fixes. We need to evaluate on bipartisan basis what needs to be done then implement measures that will actually create a change for good.

Now what these measures might be? That's beyond my pay grade. I just know that if we don't all find common ground and work together nothing is going to get done.

Jess said...

You know I like President Obama as well I think he's well spoken I think he is a very smart man. I don't agree with him politcally but he is our President and I respect that. My major issue with him (not his politics) is he's a people pleaser, he not getting things done, I realize there is a gentleness in politics that you have to work around but still. What I learned from my parents is usually the best answer leaves both parties better off but not happy.