Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Updating more and more

Hello all:

I will update this blog and more and more often now in hopes of making it a place for Working Daze readers to turn to and hang out and share ideas and thoughts and all.

I hate to admit this but I am very excited about whatever the heck Apple is going to announce tomorrow. I told my wife I don't want a slate I need a bigger screen not a smaller but I am still fascinated by the idea. It will either be a Newton style flop (the device not the physicist) or an Iphone style success story. Apple doesn't usually go halfway. I promised my wife no matter what it is I won't buy one. I certainly won't buy one this year but I am still interested in seeing what the heck it is going to do. If it was a good webcam it could become the ultimate skyping machine.

I do have to say I am loving my 27 inch Imac. The screen is like wow. As a writer it is so nice to be able to keep a document on screen and outline on screen and a web page with information on screen.

Bill Gates was on the Daily Show last night. Jon Stewart busted out the Zune jokes. I wonder if even Bill Gates uses a Zune?

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Lawfrog said...

Don't know if BG uses a Zune, but he forbids his family from using Apple products. I wonder if Melinda and the kids use iPods on the sly...