Sunday, December 20, 2009

Year coming to Close

As the year is coming to a close here are some of the strange things I am thinking about.

Okay, I assume our senators and congressmen are intelligent human beings so why do they all act so ridiculous once they become senators and or congress peoples. What they heck every happened to best for country being more important than best for party. Are these guys all just trying to make sure they keep giving Jon Stewart material for the daily show?

Is it really reform without a public option?

When the heck does Chuck come back on and why the heck did NBC wait so long?? Are the Networks being run by partially trained chimps?

Is Avatar going to be Star Wars for this generation?

I'm sorry by New Moon can't be Star Wars for females cause well Star Wars was good.

Wow, I am freaking 52 years old. I remember when my dad was 52 he sure seemed old to me. Can I really be that old? I must be getting old because I am actual anxious for Christmas to get over with. I like it, I really no. I am no scrooge, but man there is a lot of hassle to the season.

Are the Buffalo Bills ever going to get the superbowl again?

Why does the new 27 inch Imac have to be so pretty? Can a computer be pretty? Yes I guess it can.

Why does reality tv seem to breed and nurture such idiots? I am looking at you Spencer and Heidi.

Note: my start of the new year post is going to be much more serious.


shipping troll said...

The Buffalo Bills actually have to show up for an entire season. You can't actually put faith in them, unless you are a Glutton for Punishment! ( I can talk this way because I live WAY too close to Buffalo!)

Chuck... The monkeys at the network are trying to do to Chuck what was done with NYPD Blue a few years ago, start late and run uninterrupted for the entire season. ( at least that's what I have heard on the gossip shows)

If you look very closely, all of the senators and congresspeople have a small scar above their right eye, it is where they have had the lobbyist acquiescence implant inserted at the same time as their laproscopic lobotomy.

Reality TV is what the reality of America wants. sad and true, it stays on because the masses watch it. They are your trained Chimps!

27 inch iMac... the Carolina Kurkova of computers...

Hari said...

First off, you seem to think politicians are meant to serve the people. You're just like Roy with Santa - I hate to shatter your belief, but the overwhelming majority of those in office are there to line their own pockets. This goes double for anyone with roots in Chicago.
I don't know much about the Bills, but the fan experience sounds similar to being a Cubs fan.
Chuck: I guess we take what we can get, but the Jan 10 premiere beats the heck out of the March they were planning at first. Plus I'm still glad it avoided cancellation at all. Maybe they waited to run Chuck in the cold season because of how hot Yvonne is.
As far as reality tv goes, I think The Running Man and Dr Who had the right idea with the shows killing off the losers. Seriously, how can a show be called Survivor and yet have nobody die?

Kristina said...

Shipping troll - lol at lobotomy bit.

Seems like there really needs to be some way to make our polititians work for us instead of working for them.

How about limiting bills to be 20 pages or shorter? That might cut down on the bills. If a bill was just one thing instead of a bunch of stuff that's stuffed into one bill, it would be more obvious how our polititians are treating it.

And we need more reporting on polititions who are taking "bribes" by getting pork added into bills.