Monday, May 18, 2009

Office Bathrooms

This week's Working Daze will center on Rita's brilliant idea to make the office's bathrooms "pay for use". Yes pay toilets are not a new concept but 1) this never stopped Rita she never claims to be creative and 2) they are new to office environment.

At least I believe they are new.

Hopefully it won't become a real "money saving" trend.

1 comment:

Hari said...

I hope you have a really mean finale for Rita on the pay toilets. Having her merely not have proper change for her own use would be too easy and already done enough times. I know you've already written and submitted it by now, but I think I'd finish with Dana putting a pay lock on the door to Rita's office. Of course, considering Rita always has the bottle of water with her, you'd think she'll be paying quite a bit for her own idea.