Friday, October 2, 2009

I hate shredders

Hey all:

Been organizing my office, which means a lot of shredding, which means a lot of shredder jamming. We have two shredders in the house, one tiny 3 paper one and one that holds 6 sheets. I've learned these numbers are no arbitrary. I've learned the hard way, by jamming each one of them on numerous occasions when I tried to hopefully "squeeze just one more page into this batch of shredding..."

It's not that I can't count to 3 or 6 it's just after shredding over and over again your brain (well at least my brain) starts to think, "you know John if I could just squeeze in an extra page or two here and there I could cut down on my shredding time and do something more fun, for example actually write something..." So I inevitably try to cram a few extra pages in, figuring, "this time I will get it."

Ever once in a while it does work. There are times though, most times actually when I end up jamming the shredder. I need to use the reverse button, tooth picks, ice picks, scissors or whatever to unjam it.

This begs the questions: why I do repeat the behavior when I know what is going to happen and why don't I just rip the damn things by hand?

My answer (albeit not a good one) is: I somehow think "current John" is smart than "past John", past John is the guy who tried to cram 8 sheets into the 6 sheeter but did it wrong. Current John learned from his mistakes and will now cram those 8 sheets in better. Even if this current John fails, he will learn from the experience and make future John brighter.

That is my answer, which I like better than just admitting I'm lazy and not all that bright.

This will certainly show up in working daze.


Teigh said...

why dont you just "dule" shred you know move the 3 and the 6 next to each other and put paper in the at the same time, it would help cut back some time and some of the erges to put 8 in the 6

Clay said...

I, too, have had many frustrating moments with my ex-paper shredder. I hated cleaning the thing out, hated the greasy feel of the blades. I decided to get a more powerful shredder and the shredder I have now says its guaranteed not to jam. It'll stop if it senses too much paper. Now I don't deal with paper jam.

Peter said...

I agree shredding documents can be a real pain if there's a lot to do. In the past I used to let my paperwork just mount and mount until I had to deal with it, which just made shredding a terrible chore. Nowadays I try to shred whenever I get some spare time and it makes it a lot easier doing small amounts.