Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grumpy This Week

Okay, a lot of things have me grumpy this week.

A new study published shows that the I-Phone maybe addictive. To this, all I can say is, Duh.

Buzz Aldrin the 2nd man to walk on the moon is going to moonwalking on Dancing with the Stars. Sigh. I wish I was making that up. Buzz, why why why? What does anybody gain by watching an 80 year old man shake his grove thing on national TV? Sigh. Grumble.

Speaking of 80 years Betty White is going to appear on SNL. I actually can't be grumpy about that cause I think it will be cool. As long as she doesn't dance.

I actually thought Avatar had a shot at best picture. Sure it wasn't the best screenplay or story but it was an experience.

Sarah Palin doing comedy on The Tonight Show. Wow, I hope she choses standup as her new career. I support that.


Hari said...

I guess it's a pity you have to do the strips well in advance. By the time you can get one in the paper with Roy sad about Avatar being overlooked, everyone will have already put the Oscars out of their minds.

On the subject of the current week's strip, I'm rather surprised everyone's favorite Dr Who episodes are from the reboot series without a single vote for any of the classic episodes.

scottroberts said...

Aldrin's appearance will almost justify my not having cable. Without an antenna, I can't even get basic channels, so I'll have to miss that historic event.

Still scarred in my mind, though, is the sight of John Denver, back in the 70's on one of his ill advised TV specials, dancing to The Hustle, and squeaking "Do it!" It was sadness revealed.

CoffeeAmbassador said...

I'm surprised you haven't added Leonard Nemoy's retirement to your list of reasons to be Grumpy.