Friday, May 21, 2010

Pac Man is 30

Wow, Pacman is 30 Today! I feel soooo old. It is way cool how google has a playable version of pacman on their front page. Heck the maze spells google!

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Merri said...

Heck, you're not old till you can remember when pong first came out!

I remember staring at the first commodore64..ironically it was in a toy store that I first saw it..but I sure lusted for it, LOL.

Compuserve was fun too, lol. I thought it was so great at the time. I remember that 'ordinary' people could only access it at night, first..and it cost 6 bucks an we'd get our messages downloaded, read em, and write all our posts offline, then upload them all at once. Wow have things changed since then! Sheesh