Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Okay I admit it. I watched the Apple press event today. I even delayed my lunch so I could eat while watching it. Yes I admit it I am a geek.

My thoughts.

First the negative: I am not impressed with Ping at all. I really don't care what music my friends are downloading. I like music because I like music. I'm glad they didn't end the event with ping because that would have been ending with a ping instead of a bang.

Now some kind of negative: not sure what to think about the new Ipod nano. Sure it's cool being touch and all, but they removed the video. I always thought that was a nice touch.

The complete indifferent: Apple TV. The price is cool. I guess if i didn't have digital cable I would be more excited. It's still not something I want. At least not yet.

The good: IPOD touch. Now we are talking. A great game machine. A nice camera and HD recorder. A beautiful screen. Finally a mic. Lots of memory... Finally a front facing camera. Now they need to make a mac version of facetime. Of course I am still not sure what facetime offers that skype doesn't...

Now if they add all the new Ipod touch goodies to the Ipad-2 we've got a real winner. We've got the product I will replace my macbook with. Yes, yes I will.

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