Monday, October 4, 2010

JZ Monday Rant About TV commercials

Hi all:

A new feature, probably weekly on my blog, I am going to rant about television and well web commercials I find to be extra lame.

Okay, Snuggie is a pretty lame product to begin with, but singing about a snuggie to the Macarana should really be considered a crime against humanity. Yes this is even worse than putting a snuggie on a pet. If anybody ever really actually showed up to a football game in snuggie I'm pretty sure they would be laughed out of the stands. Nothing says NOT football like a snuggie. But singing about a snuggie to the Macarana my brain is still hurting.

You can see for yourself here.... Be warned it's not for the faint of heart.

The other super lame commercial is the one for the McDonalds dollar menu at breakfast. The one where Mark is trying to impress the pretty woman from 3C. Mark has failed to impress the nameless woman before, but now he strikes home by bringing up the McDonald's dollar burrito at breakfast. According to the commercial, "she's interested". Of course what beautiful woman couldn't help but to be impressed with a guy with intimate knowledge of the McDonald's dollar menu? Yes sir, nothing impresses a lady more than saying, "I know how to spend a dollar."

You can view that one here:


shipping troll said...

Most geico commercials are asinine, however the pig going "we we we" all the way home is THE MOST annoying they have come up with since the cavemen.

Sith Snoopy said...

1a + 2b = 47

zbicyclist said...

Minor continuity error in 11/2/2010 strip: witch has short skirt in first panel, long skirt in last panel (when Ed is cactus).

Or is this a side effect of using magical powers?

Like the strip (get it via Keep up the good work.