Sunday, July 17, 2011

So Much For Weekly

Okay so much for updating weekly. Two weeks in Costa Rica and a week with my co writer Elena working on project, time really flied.

First off we have a free mug winner: Leslie J Kearney. I will get a mug off to her next time I venture to the post office.

As for other news, a tip of my cap to Japan for winning the woman's world cup. The US team played really well though. Japan just happened to be the team of destiny this year.

As for movies I want to see: Captain America and Cowboys and Aliens. I will wait for Harry Potter to come out on DVD. This way I can watch the last two back to back at home nice and comfy.

Speaking for DVD, not a fan of the new Netflix price hike. They are basically raising the price because they can. It is a business. But they won't be getting my DVD business.

So, thoughts on the new Starz based Torchwood?


scott roberts said...

Personally, I'd have thought that time flew, but that's just me. Anyhoo, we've kept the strip going without resorting to Summer reruns.

redgoddess said...

I liked both Cowboys and Aliens and Captain America. But then I like any movie with hot guys who kick bad guy ass!