Monday, August 8, 2011

Dudes and Chicks


Do you consider Dude and Chick derogatory words? I think of them as terms of endearment. If somebody called me a "writer dude" I would take it as a compliment. Well I tell my wife she's a cool chick I mean it was a compliment.

Of course I proudly call myself geek so granted I may not be the best judge...


Anonymous said...

The word Dude has a long history of changing meaning. It's current day usage has little to do with its origin. Once upon a time it meant a man dressed up in style- perhaps even to a foppish degree.

Franklyn said...

According to Merriam Webster online (
1: a man extremely fastidious in dress and manner : dandy
2: a city dweller unfamiliar with life on the range; especially : an Easterner in the West
3: fellow, guy —sometimes used informally as a term of address

I first encountered def. #2 as a kid on a "dude ranch" back when Hector was a pup.

'Course sometimes my kids think their paternal parental unit is a "cool dude" and that's OK.

Adrian Jenkin said...

Short answer is that everyone will respond in their own way. Here in Oz Dude is simply something that the young say. I consider it an Americanism but that's just me. :)
Chick is a much more contentious word, it's often been called a sexist term. Personally I think it's more about how you use it - the context.

CTback said...

No, you just wanted to be offended for some reason.