Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Archer snub

Hi all:

One good thing about writing a daily comic is if you have a "brain fart" and say you forget to include a fairly important star trek captain in a monthly poll you can sort of make up for this by having that captain in a cartoon down the road.  So sure enough in the coming weeks forgotten captain Archer will be mentioned in a Working Daze cartoon.  Thanks to those of you who have pointed out he was forgotten.  I guess because the show didn't run the typical trek seven seasons he slipped my mind.  My apologies to Mr. Bakula.  

Don't forget you can still post your entries to entry below and maybe win a new mug.  We are trying to update the mug to have Scott's art on it.  He's been drawing WD for a while now so I think it's high time he gets represented.  :)


shipping troll said...

Funny how when you offer something for free, the comments pile up in a hurry, but the rest of the time you are lucky to get 1 or two comments. At least you know people are reading the daily strip. That is a great response to the offer.

Looking forward to your Archer Strips.

Custom Coaster said...

Being a Cartoonist it's really great to read that the Writer and the Artist are not fighting over what's more impotant. It's always the same comic fight where every person chooses the Art or the Writting over what the books about. Yes to a degree I choose Art, but if the book sucks in the Written department I can tell you it's not worth the time.

I'm not that big of a "Star" geek I've only liked on "Star" show and it wasn't even in my counrty. Red Dwarf very funny show watched it as a kid and still love the jokes and hijinks. Time travel that was my apple pie more then space travel, well then there was Anime in my teen years leading to new adventures like the Cartoon Outlaw Star. That's all I can relate to star travel. I wish the best since I love Comic Strips more then comics!

Hari said...

Archer's not alone. You also snubbed Spock, Sulu, Scotty, Riker, and LaForge. Myself, I'd like to submit a write-in vote for the Emergency Command Hologram from Voyager. :)