Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Hi all:

Scott and I are doing our best to make Working Daze as fun and interesting to read as we can.  Sure it's only a little comic, it won't ever change the world but hopefully it will give readers a few smiles throughout the week.

We are also interested in the types of gags and situations you want to see.  In  the coming weeks (after the holidays) there will be Steven Colbert run (as Rita's crush) and we will be bringing in a cute female hypnotist to try to improve productivity.  We may even have some of gang go to our new president's inauguration.  They are just as exited about it as I am.  Funny it's like we share the same mind or something.

Let us know what you like and what you don't like.


Ok I have a new pet peeve, people talking on their cell phones in the supermarket and just standing there clogging up the isle as if they are the only people shopping.  It's happened to me a lot lately.  Minor I know.  I just find it weird that people have the need to talk on the phone while they are shopping for milk and stuff.



Yannick said...

If you want to do some spin off on the cell phone in the grocery store idea:

Start with 2 persons talking side by side and blocking everybody

Then the next day the same 2 talking together on the phone in 2 different aisles blocking both ailses

Then maybe 2 persons texting...

shipping troll said...

I think it would be funny to see one of the guys turn out to be a secret Mac user. He hides it from the others cuz he doesn't want them to make fun of him for using a "sissy" computer. PC nerds are SO freaky about that sometimes that I can only laugh.

Maybe Roy can get a Smart Car and soup it up!

These are the first things that come to my mind.

I can't wait for the Colbert storyline!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see something about Tolkien/ Lord of the Rings. Maybe having Roy or his GF reading Children of Hurin and arguing over some of the lesser characters?

Also it would be funny to see someone comming in with a Wii related injury (I'm thinking sprained leg from yoga on WiiFit or something like that).

Johnzakour said...

Man isn't that the truth about the Wii. My wife hurt her back doing some the wii fit pushup things.

DaveW said...

I liked the "windows" in the trampoline panel of Dec 5th.

Expanding the art form? Has anyone ever done that before?


African Boy said...

now, where is the holiday giveaway?

cehawley said...

Love the comic, love the blog, hate the new poll. What on Earth (or in space) do you have against Archer? Enterprise was still a Star Trek show even though it was cancelled early (like the first one)

KF said...

"The only question I ever thought was hard was 'Do I like, Kirk or do I like Picard". Archer should be on the short list instead of Pike, but really the list is only three: Kirk, Picard, and Janeway. All the other captains are second string.

Johnzakour said...

Sorry the giveaway was late in posting. We have 5 extra people in our house so my brain has extra lag this week.

As for Archer, yeah you are all right he should have been there on the poll. Somehow I always forget about Enterprise.

nephilim said...

I couldn't agree more the next time i see someone talking on their damn blue tooth making me think they are talking to me and blocking the damn pork n beans I'm going to just snap! Maybe you could have Steven Colbert snap on Rita for talking on her cell phone, let that be how she fall for him. That would be funny.

gdemetru said...

I like the idea of the Wii and Colbert. Maybe switch out regular coffee for decaf? Talk about having production in the toilet! Rita discovers Red Bull or another energy drink. Dana is in frantic tears because her Blackbery batteries died mid text message. The Pixar/ non-Pixar battle for mainstream animation. These are all yours. Have fun with them. Side note- I call home to see if there is anything else needed from the store. I hate to go back when I was just there. I don't gossip and ramble on. FYI