Sunday, November 30, 2008

Colbert it is

Well the people have spoken and it looks like Steven Cobert will once again be the object of Rita's affection. Ah that lucky Steven. First a new Christmas special and now this!

The only rule surprise was Simon Cowel finishing second. Of course I was little surprised Ben Bernanke did so well in the post. I guess people feel he hasn't suffered enough already. :)

Sorry about the Sisko misspelling I knew it didn't look right.  Blogger won't let me change it now.  :(  Silly me.


Kaltros said...

I have to say, the current art is a real turn-off on the comic. While I understand that no two artists are going to interpret work the same way, I find it difficult to appreciate the strip these days.

Just FYI, it's Benjamin S-i-s-k-o. If you're going to represent geeks, you gotta geek right.

shipping troll said...

I think that you should do a strip with Colbert in the office for some reason. He would surely love the Comic likeness and probably even show it on his show!

Johnzakour said...

Thanks for the edit. I am a geek just a lousy speller.