Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Website

So what are all of your thoughts on the new website?

I am finally getting use to it.  

Like they say, "change it good."  It just takes time to get use to.


Jeremy said...

Haven't been on it since the first week it was launched. Too painful to navigate and WAY too slow. however, I LOVE the RSS daily comics. I live for RSS now and this is the best feature I could ask for.

shipping troll said...

Rolling Stones were right!! I can't get no satisfaction! Can't even reset my crap until I get some sort of verification email, and I have't gotten one despite my daily rest attempts. All the information is correct that I can see. Who knows, perhaps I'm not paranoid and the universe really is out to get me!

shipping troll said...

LOVE todays Comic!! Wonder where you got the Idea!!

Parson said...

Now that I got used to it, the new website is a bit better then the old style.