Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pet Peeves

Since this is the start of the holiday season I thought I'd ramble a bit on some of my pet peeves. I am only mentioning them because I will draw on these peeves to give me inspiration in future Working Daze toons.

1) People not shoveling their sidewalks. Yes it's minor, but annoying. Just because you may not walk on your sidewalk others (like me and my dog) do. It would really make you a much nicer neighbor if you took a couple of minutes and at least shoveled out a little walking path.

2) Not washing hands after using the bathroom. If you happen to be one of these people (which you probably aren't) I have one very simple question: Why? What possible reason could you have about not taking 30 seconds to wash off your hands after using the bathroom? (Okay so that's two questions.) When you think about it the gain (not interacting with bad bacteria) from taking 30 seconds out of your busy schedule really outweighs the downside (getting sick or spreading something). If you have any doubts please find the book, The Secret Life of Germs and read it. I am a firm believer that if washed our hands more often we would get less sick.

3) Talking on cell phones while driving especially when turning. This just is way dangerous. Humans survived for the first fifty plus years of driving without talking on cell phones every minute, there is no reason you have to be constantly be chatting on one now while you drive. If a matter really is that urgent pull over.

4) People behind me in line asking the clerk at the register to help them while the clerk is waiting on me. These people clearly need to refresh their concepts about standing in lines and the entire reason we have lines. Yes lines are a pain in the butt but without them there would be anarchy. Yes we know it's a busy but the people in line in front of you are also just as busy as you are.

5) Men being idiots on beer commercials. If an alien race is learning about humanity from watching beer commercials they would conclude that beer is the most important thing to human men. Not just good beer, but any beer. According to these commercials these average (at best) looking men would ignore beautiful women in favor of beer. I am sorry but that's just wrong from an evolutionary point of view.


Anonymous said...

I do agree with most of your pet peeves, as they are most just common cortices that we should show each other. The first one though I have a problem with. With how jobs are today a lot of us are overloaded and stressed out. Being a mother, wife, full time student, and employee when I do have time to sit back relax and play with my son a little I do, and thing like shoveling get shoved down to the bottom of the priority list. So while it is nice that you have the free time to do thing like shoveling your side walk, other may not have that and you should be more understanding.

mahsoul613 said...

I agree with the handwashing pet peeve. There is a woman that works in my office that will turn the water on and PRETEND to wash her hands, if she knows that someone else is in the bathroom. At that point, just go ahead and put your hands under the water! If she doesn't know someone is in the bathroom, she'll flush and walk out. Gross!!! I make it a point to avoid anything this woman touches, and if we have any events with food. We have people that serve everyone, for that very reason.

Johnzakour said...

Yeah I felt a little bad about the shoveling the sidewalk gripe. I wrote that right after I got back from slipping around.

The thing is I shovel my driveway religiously because I remember back when I was in my 20s a lady slipped at work on a non-shoveled sidewalk and sued work for a lot of money. (And won.) Since then I have always been paranoid about keeping out sidewalks and driveway clean. Plus it's good exercise for me.

Still I understand the counter point.