Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rating the ratings

I have to say I really like the voting feature added to the UM web site. Seeing the cartoons that score well allows me to take the readerships pulse to help figure out what works and what doesn't work on Working Daze.

Between the ratings, the polls and user comments we should be able to make working daze better.

Start Rant:

You know I'm actually starting to feel a bit sorry for Sarah Palin. Somebody somewhere is really raking her over the coals. Now the "facts" are being leaked letting us know how less than qualified she was. The same people who picked her out, tossed her into the national spotlight and defended her as the choice are now saying she wasn't ready for the light to shine on her, yet it's her fault not theirs. In other words, Palin = Scapegoat.

End Rant;


shipping troll said...

it seems the the bugs are working out, but I'm still not the happiest with the interface of the new pages. One problem is that for some reason, I keep getting stiffed on my confirmation email for my membership, so I can't vote or comment or anything. Probably a good thing as when I stop to type I end up wasting too much time. LOL
Sarah Scapegoat, kinda has a ring too it, but hmm, does anyone smell a rat? With all the vetting that goes on for a VP candidate, is it possible that she was picked for that very reason? Sometimes you put the crappiest tires on the car that you run in the Demolition Derby. Since you know it's gonna crash and burn why run the $500 Goodyear gatorbacks, when the $10 Junkyard specials will last just as long. This way the GOP has lost nothing, because they had nothing invested to begin with.

bbsgirl said...

McCain and Palin were both scapegoats for the GOP. Everyone knew the Democrates were going to win this years election thanks to the BUSH administration, so they put out the most likely candidate to loose. (Just my opinion ofcourse)