Friday, February 27, 2009

Near and Dear

This cartoon was very near and dear to my heart as this is based on a real conversation I had with my wife. Of course I am more Jay than Roy (at least that's my story and I am sticking to it) and in real life it was candy not donuts but close enough.

As you can probably guess I am trying to lose weight. My weight loss program got knocked off track by my dad's passing and then our family trip to Costa Rica to visit my wife's mom.

Starting Monday the diet is back on and so is an exercise program you may seem some of this in Working Daze in weeks to come.

Oh please, tell your friends about Working Daze, we need to keep growing our audience.


Hari said...

You say you're more Jay than Roy. How did it make you feel when you did your poll and Roy was the most popular and out of the original character group Jay was the least popular?

shipping troll said...

I feel for you in a big way. I have severe sleep apnea and it caught up with me in a big way last year. The lack of sleep slowed my metabolism to a crawl and I pack on pounds like a summer turkey. Apnea is now being treated and so is the metabolism. I am now trying to shed in the neighborhood of 50 lbs. ( 100 would be better but I'm trying to be reasonable) It's a killer because I live with a professional chef. It isn't easy for a guy who loves food to stay away from it. 10 down and 40 to go!!

Tempewytch said...

Ah join the club! I plan to start shifting the lard again on Monday! I have *cough*, mutter, mumble pounds to lose and not being able to exercise and being on steroids helps not!

Ah well - no more full fat cheese for me for a while :-) - best of luck with your plans (and please keep me sane with more Working Daze!)

Nolte said...

good luck with the weight loss.