Monday, February 2, 2009

Good SuperBowl Lousy Commerical

I sat and watched the superbowl with pen and paper (yes I do occasionally still use those ancient devices) in hand hoping to come up with some gags for Working Daze while I wrote.

I wasn't planning on getting to into the game. I figured last years game was good and I had no vested interest in either team this year. So I would hope for my numbers to come up in the pool (they didn't) and hope for some clever commercials.

Wow was I surprised. First off, the game turned out to be exciting and a good game. Not a well played game mind you (lots of bad penaltie and some borderline calls) but still very fun to watch. It's not often you get to see great comebacks by both teams. Second off, none of the commercials did much for me. The Doritos crystal ball one was probably the best, though I don't think the doritos people would really want people getting free doritos that way.

A couple others made me snicker but nothing really stood out at least for being good. The on stood out for being really REALLY REALLY to the point where a couple people watching the game at our house said, "wow we would never go to that site even if we needed a new job." So in a sense the commerical was successful since it was one of the few I remember what it is for. In another sense though it certainly didn't make me or anybody else in the room want to use the product.

The good news is I think in writing about I have come up with the idea for some Working Daze cartoons. Hey, thanks careerbuilder!!


zia said...

CareerBuilder is a terrible site. I used it when I lost my job in 2007. All I got was spam and a job interview with a pyramid scheme run by the mob. I am not kidding!

Hari said...

You made Roy 2A? Is that a reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide?
(You May Be A Geek understand what I'm talking about)

CaptainV45 said...

I agree with Zia on Career Builder a similar thing happened, but I am not certain it was the mob. Found my current job on Craigslist. Now to my comment. I too laughed at the Doritos commercial, but Denny's Nannerpus was the most memorable for me and still makes me chuckle. I even tweeted "Beware the Nannerpus" shortly after the commercial aired.