Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Freelance Life

Just wanted to "wax poetic" a bit about the life of freelance writer. Sure, I may not make as much money as I could be making if I kept on being a highly paid "web guru" database guy. Sure, I may not make the money of the big time writers. But I am still quite happy.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • I get to make my own hours. This allows me the flexibility to hang with my wife and son. This also allows me to drop my son off at school and to pick him up from school. It's a routine I have been doing for the last 11 years or so. Sure it's made him a bit spoiled, but I believe it's made us closer. Plus I like knowing where he is. (Of course as he got older it was more of a having a general idea where he is.)
  • It's neat having readers. Between Working Daze, my comics and my novels I must have around 100K readers. Not a lot mind you, but still enough. It's cool knowing that I make a few people smile every day.
  • I'm my own boss. (I guess this goes with the making my own hours.) I like not having to answer to anybody but myself. On the downside it's tough to complain about what an ass my boss is.
  • The money. Like I mentioned before it's not a lot of money. Very few freelancers hit the big buck where they can gargle with champagne. But if you put in the time and keep hanging in there and don't mind the rejects you can bring in some nice income.
Finally, I realize the freelance life isn't for everybody. The road to becoming a freelancer is paved far smoother if you have a significant other who has a "real job". (You know the type of the 9-5 job that comes with benefits like insurance and retirement and steady income.)

I'm just grateful that I have a very patient wife who has a very real job. It would be nice if someday I become one of those freelancers who does it hit big. (Can you say movie deal?) If that happens I can pay her back by giving her the option of an early retirement.

Until that day comes I'll just keep plugging away being happy with what I have.

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