Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twitter Fame

From looking at twitter is seems to me a quick way to determine how "famous" you are (Twitter Fame Formula) is to subtract those you are following from your followers. The greater your followers are to those that you are following the greater your fame.

My number is like -30. Roy's is currently -12 and getting smaller all the time.

So not only am I not famous but the fictional character I created is more popular than I am.


shipping troll said...

Lousy gauge of fame. Guess how many Paris Hilton has? I don't care!!! She's famous and contributes Zilch to our live, you provide laughter, and literature. Of course, you don't get paid thousands of dollars to show up at parties either, ( do you?) but I guess it's all about what you actually want to do in life.

Helly said...

You mean getting bigger all the time? ;-)

And piffle. Mine works out to -2, does that mean I'm more popular than either of you? Not when that number is derived from 12-14! :)