Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2day's AFR cartoon

Wow, I never thought today's cartoon with Roy's little robot dog ARF (Artificial Roy Friend) would create so many comments. It is funny ARF was invented by Roy before he had Kathy in his life so there were bound to be some problems. ARF has never been the sweetest pet.

If it comes down to ARF or Kathy pretty sure Roy will pick Kathy. The good news is ARF can probably be reprogrammed.


Hari said...

I'm not sure how far ahead you write the strips, so the Kathy and ARF conflict was most likely solved before we even knew it existed. That being said, I'm thinking with Kathy being a geek herself she might just go and reprogram ARF herself - without telling Roy (as if he'd agree to it if she did ask).
By the way, was there ever a strip or series of strips with the process of Kathy moving in? I didn't think I missed any days but at some point when I thought she was just spending the night it turned out she was already moved in.

Hari said...

Just being a spoilsport here, but wouldn't most people who are geek enough to camp out for Trek also geek enough to have a mobile device they could use to read Working Daze? :)