Thursday, April 16, 2009

Would People Be Offended?

If I rolled my "Tales of MidList Writer" blog into this blog?   This way I would have only have one blog to maintain.

BTW.  I don't have pictures of the other characters inspirations in Working Daze but I can at least hint who they are.

Roy, is based on three different people I use to work with.  He has all of their most geeky qualities.  I also have to admit there is some of me in Roy.

Jay is pretty much based on me.

Andrew is based on Andre Noel the original Working Daze artist.

Ed is based on two people I use to work with, he acts like one of them looks like the other, sort off.

Sue is based a lady I worked briefly with.

Rita is based (very loosely) on my old boss,  she isn't as evil as Rita but I have in fact used her exact quotes in Working Daze.

Dana is based on a combination of my old office manager (you know who you are) and my oldest niece Nati.  Nati actually started off as the inspiration for Medusa but kind of merged when she took a job at a big American Corp.  (She still has a bit of medusa in her.)

Okay in keeping with the trend I do have her wedding photo.  


Hari said...

Either you foresaw what I was going to post or people have been emailing you instead of posting on here (understandable - username, password, AND captcha is a bit much for posting a comment).
I guess the remaining question for your inspirational people is which, if any, of them know you're using them as inspiration for these characters?

Johnzakour said...

Oh yeah they all know.

Tempewytch said...

In that case Maestro go for it!

Anne said...

It's your blog & you should feel free to make it work for you! I would read it either way with no offense & I would expect that others who enjoy your work would not be offended either.