Thursday, July 9, 2009

Working Daze rule number 1

Hi all:

One that that is fairly constant in the working daze world is that Dana will win 99% of the time. The funny thing is though despite her power and control over the office she is still probably the lowest paid member of the team. I do think that does seem to be the case a lot of times in many organizations where it appears that pay is inversely proportional to the amount of the work a person does. Your thoughts?

One other note about this toon, somebody mentioned that Dana should be smiling in her close up. After all she is showing what great power she has, maybe an entire office swoon with the snap of her fingers. This is true, but Dana is disappointed that none of these people will be doing any work for at least the new few hours.



Anonymous said...

She's not smiling because she's cool and casual. Her power doesn't impress her as it would someone just discovering it. Since Carolina was smiling, Dana countered with a serious, "Oh yeah, try this on for size," look. By the way, Ed was not knocked out by Dana, he was already there napping.

Hari said...

I seriously doubt Carolina is just now discovering her power (especially since she uses it so often). Perhaps Dana was frowning because she has to consciously evoke her power whereas Carolina's power is effective without her even thinking about it. The one thing I might have suggested if I'd seen this before it was made final is that Dana should have left Carolina standing there so she could be a witness to Dana's power rather than just another one of the victims. I'd say Dana is powerful enough that she should be able to selectively omit a single person.

Bear Krainski said...

Nah, I think Dana is dismayed her abilities, almost like a resigned sigh, of, once again having to prove herself.

I think she is becoming blasé about it, there is never anyone appreciation, just being taken for granted that she will run interference against the "suits" (Rita types)

But, that is only my impression, you and John of course know the real reasons. I just interpret the art and dialog. :-)

And the Ed napping sound byte was funny.