Sunday, June 28, 2009

Help Working Daze

Hi all:

Scott and I are continuously trying to make Working Daze as good as we can. It many ways its a labor of love for us as while we do get paid the amount we get is pretty much generated by add revenue which means when the economy takes a hit so do we.

It would be nice if loyal Working Daze readers could spread the word about us and tell a friend and have them tell a friend.

It also helps if people visit this blog and leave votes and comments on the web site.

We want Working Daze to thrill for a long time and it can with your support!

Also would you loyal reader want me to explore more of Dana's magical side?


JMD1961 said...

I've only recently found your comic and have enjoyed it very much. It's the fantasy elements that I might the most attractive, so yes. Please do more with Dana's magical side. Also, let's see more of Medusa.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to do a lot with Medusa, since her very nature makes her a one joke idea. Also, all the snakes make her the hardest to draw!! Dana has lots of possibilities, though. I'm sure John hasn't begun to explore them all. She's changed a lot over nine years and three artists. Yes, the fantasy does make the strip fun to produce.

Hari said...

If you know someone who would set it up without charging an arm and a leg, you could try making a fully functional Working Daze page similar to what Scott Adams has for Dilbert and you could pursue independent advertising for that. One big thing with that idea is make it so it doesn't take as long to load as does.

Bear Krainski said...

I posted your link to Facebook, and have passed the word to all my co-workers as well.

Bear Krainski said...

As for Dana's magical side, ehh, that is a tough one, I enjoyed it, but... I don't know can't put my finger on it.

I think if her powers ultimately cause Dana to face a moral dilemma that even she feels uncomfortable about.

Moral dilemma stories can carry impact, and can be fun to explore the "what if" factor.

Bear Krainski said...
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Bear Krainski said...

I have created a Working Daze fan page on Facebook and would like to post some sample strips, with your permission. And any and all links you would like to put out there to push your excellent wares.


Johnzakour said...

Bear you hit the nail right on the head. I want to give Dana some sort of moral dilemma to using such power.

Johnzakour said...

Also sure, post a couple.

Bear Krainski said...
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Bear Krainski said...

Color me chagrined!

I just realized that I switched character names for Rita and Dana.

I said I was new. :-)

My humble apologies, don't have Roy shut my internet down.

Bear Krainski said...

Where can I get a character synopsis? You know sort of a "here are the folks in the show" kind of thing.


Rita, age ??
Rita, the illegitimate daughter of Satan and a lawyer (redundant, I know), is the Senior VP, blah blah. You get the idea.

I would like to post a "dramatis personae" or perhaps that should comedis personae of your characters in the fan page to introduce them to new viewers who may not be completely familiar with them. I will try to find some good "head shots" of each character, unless you have some in mind. My email is listed in the previous post.

BTW, today's comic, "Dana, the mind reader" literally made me laugh out loud. I have since posted on the exterior wall of my sensory deprivation chamber also referred to as cubicle.

Resubmitted for correctness.

Bear Krainski said...

637 Twitter followers, and counting... C'mon people get the word out!

Hari said...

I thought there was a character list with pictures on the page, but I don't see it now. The Wikipedia page does have quick descriptions of everyone but not the accompanying pictures.

Anonymous said...

The web page dropped a lot of features with their so called 'improvements', and character bios was one of those. At least on the WD page they're gone. I wanted to put pictures on the wikipedia entry, but I still haven't learned how to post images on that site.

Bear Krainski said...

This too, shall be overcome. Worry not, we will find a way.

Rick O'Shay said...

I kind of like Dana as she is--a person with a special talent who only uses it in times of need. I think if you over-emphasize her gift, it will detract from the other characters and stereotype her.

Great strip! Read it every day. I also hare it with others. P.S. I own 2 copies of the Princess Bride.