Friday, June 5, 2009

Powerful Geek Poll

A new fun poll to help determine who the world's most powerful "geek" is. This was inspired by the recent poll of most powerful celebrities where Ms. Jolie and Oprah were named in the top 2. (And president Obama was named in the top 50.)

I left these three off the poll as well I am not sure they qualify as geeks. Of course this poses a bigger question: who really is a geek?


Walter Ostlie said...

Gotta be Steven Jobs. he is getting everyone to buy those crappy macs with his jedi powers. or maybe it is lucas cause he gave Steven Jobs the jedi powers to begin with.

shipping troll said...

I always wondered if I qualified to be a geek. Which is why I sat down one day and mused about it. Am I a Geek?

For the poll I had to go with Lucas, He gives Geeks Chic. The public eats up his SciFi movies, and he uses so much CG in them that he blows all others away. Gates is Geeky, but he is a better business man that a geek, he bought all the right stuff and the right people. Jobs would be less than half of what he is without Waz, and Spielberg... He is a visionary, but again, he is more businessman than geek. An Amazing Director to be sure, but he Implements others work into his products, much like gates. He just does it much more dependably. My thoughts for whatever they are worth.

Tempewytch said...

Richard Stallman - the Ubergeek to end all Ubergeeks!

Shannon said...

I lost all respect for George Lucas halfway through Ep. 1. If we are going to go with a director why don't we choose Peter Jackson? He filmed one of the geek holy books and did it well.

I second the Richard Stallman nomination!

Marc_G said...

Over ten years old and it's still great:

So you can tell my vote.