Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hi all:

My Niece Nati who is 1/2 the inspiration for Dana (and part the inspiration for Roy's feet) became a mom last night at 4am. Like everything else Dana does the delivery was quite efficient. So efficient the doctor barely got to the hospital before the baby was born. The baby Felipe (Nati lives in Costa Rica where she works for a big multinational company) and mom are doing fine.


Hari said...

Congrats to Nati. Does the fictional Dana have kids? I don't recall it being mentioned.
Also, I suggest if you need to do further cutbacks that you have your other niece just pose for the Carolina figures in the strip so you can cut back on the drawing the same way you do with the use of photos for the windows.

scott roberts said...

The photos aren't really to cut back on drawing, since in some ways, they're extra work. I just do them to give the strip an extra dimension. Putting the real Carolina in would make the other characters look kinda freaky by comparison.

Hari said...

I know. I was joking around, although I doubt much of the male audience would object to more pictures of the real Carolina.