Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Next week's working dazes

Hi all:

Next week Working Daze will take a turn away from the realism of the last two weeks and go for a bit of whacky fantasy.

Hopefully the readers will like it. I think they will.


No1InParticular said...

I just recently found your strip and found it uproarious (if that is indeed a word), keep up the entertainment. Some of the events that occur in your strip mirror what happens in my "real" world. Just wish mine had the same endings.

And Roy is a hoot! Sort of reminds me of myself, with more social skills! LOL

scott roberts said...

Glad you like it! We do try to reach people with characters and situations they'll recognize. John's had a lot of experience in that environment, and, as a former temp worker, I've been around it too.

Hari said...

A posting at 3:42 am? Must be nice being a cartoonist... :) It's actually close to the time I was getting up to get ready for work this morning.

scott roberts said...

That's odd, I certainly didn't write it at that hour. For me it was more like going on 8, EST. But then, yours says 5:55, so I wonder what time zone it's set for? John's in the same zone I am.

Bear Krainski said...

You should come visit some federal civil servants, you'd probably be able to mine several years worth of material, all on the first day. Oh, the stories I could tell... But, wait, what was that noise? Did I just hear a click on my phone line?

Oops, gotta run.

Oh and this is No1InParticular renamed. :-)

Bear Krainski said...

And it's Pacific Time that he messages are getting stamped.

scott roberts said...

Wonder why. Is Blogspot west coast headquartered?
But I guess that's right. It appears to be three hours difference.