Sunday, August 9, 2009

Roy and Reading

Okay, who else feels like Roy when it comes to reading Manuals? I have to admit I am. I really read them as a very very last resort.

Oh there's a new page of the zach online graphic novel.

BTW, in the coming weeks Rita will be trying to develop a new "catch phrase."


Jeremy said...

Interestingly enough, it's not really the mantra of Geeks out there. One of the biggest pet peeves of a geek is dealing WITH people that don't RTFM (read the f$%^&@ manual), esp those folks in tech support!!

shipping troll said...

I actually found a manual for the assembly and installation of an RV product, back in the early 80's that had printed on the cover, "This instruction manual is conveniently sized to fit in your back pocket for reference when you get stuck." Then inside, the first step began thus, " Now that you have decided to read the instructions..." It was obviously written by someone who knew the average person! I wish I could find a copy of that manual today, It was truly a work of art!

Hari said...

My favorite manual experience was back around 10 years ago. I bought a replacement motherboard and found the manual came on CD. Good thing it was for a computer I was putting together for someone else because I had to resort to it to find what some of the connections were. To top it off, I didn't have the proper software (Corel Draw)to read the board diagrams. I could just imagine someone fixing their own computer and not having a spare having to deal with that.