Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Updates and Stuff

Hey all:

There is a new page now up of the Zach comic. I hope you find it a fun read and tell your friends.

Also for something a bit different my good friend, world class hypnotist Elena Beloff recently visited me and first interviewed me about the writing process then she hypnotized me into thinking i was Zach from my books (and more.)

It was pretty cool.

Oh next week Rita tries to come up with a "catch phrase".


JRSofty said...

So with Comics.com offline is there anywhere I can find recent updates of Working Daze?

Kelly said...

Comics.com is down and I can't find Working Daze anywhere else. Where else can I go? I'm jonsing for my WD!!!!!!!!

JRSofty said...

Comics.com is back!!!!

Johnzakour said...

Yeah the stie was down for the holiday.