Friday, February 5, 2010

More "Thinking" Such As It Is

So, the Apple Ipdad doesn't support flash. Wow, as much as I am not a fan of flash as it has seemed to cause a lot of "hiccups" on my Macs over the years, I think this is a booboo from Apple. A lot of people who buy Ipads (snicker) will be expecting to be able to run utube and hulu on them. I believe both sites are still heavily reliant on flash.

Yes, eventually sites will switch to HTML 5.0 which allows videos to be imbedded without flash but that move is "awhile" away. Currently I think only Safari and Chrome support it. And Chrome is still in beta form on the Macs.

In a way this is kind of good for me as I promised my wife that my 27 inch Imac would be my computer buy this year. As the Ipad currently stands I don't want one.

Hopefully the next version will have a web cam (then it becomes a great skyping machine) and by then the flash / HTML 5 thing will be more settled. Then I will want an Ipad to replace my macbook.


Al said...

Hello John,

Take a look at your last comment. Apple does not want you to replace your Macbook with an IPad. The IPad is a bridge device that is between an IPhone/IPod touch and and Macbook. It will do some things better than either, but is not intended to do all of either.

Love the strip. Keep up the good work.


Johnzakour said...

That's true but I don't need a bridge device. I need a device I can take on the road to surf the web, to communicate with and to write with. The ipad (snicker) should work for me.

Bear Krainski said...

Dang, I wish I could post images in the comments. I was reading your post on the "iPad" (Don't get me started), when I noticed the ad running along the right-hand side. For an Amazon Kindle! They're always watching, listening, and they will find you. Bwaha hahahahah. Anyway, the iPad is not a fully thought out idea. Don't be an early adopter, wait for the 2.0 version, iPad with wings!

Keep up the funny!

Hari said...

I think Apple's next product will be the iPon.