Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughts of the Week

The Winter Olympics has been fun. I am glad NBC is showing a fair amount of live coverage, though I wish they'd show the skiing live. Everything doesn't have to be in primetime. I am amazed at how some of these winter athletes can master their sports without dying! Shaun White can really fly on a snowboard. Curling has been interesting to watch it's kind of like winter's version of bowling. It's the one winter Olympics sport I think I could actually do.

Tiger Woods is talking about his "ordeal" this week. Talking about it in a closed controlled environment of course.

Reading this article on CNN about abuse of zero-tollerance policies at schools. So schools are arresting kids for doodling on desks... What a misuse of police resources and it seems kind of lazy on the schools' part too. Part of the problem with society today is we always let somebody else handle it. Yes if it's a violent crime the police should be called, but for writing on a desk, not so much.

Evan Bayh is resigning basically saying he is sick of congress not being able to get anything done and all the strident partisanship. Well duh. Like I read on yahoo I believe, one party could proposal a puppies are cute bill and the other party would immediately start their anti-puppy campaign. It's time we remember we'll all on the same side here.

Sarah Palin is mad at the Family Guy for making a not so veiled reference to her mentally challenged son. I actually, agree the son should be off limits. But truthfully I think Family Guy was busting Sarah not the son.


Hari said...

On the topic of Shaun White, there was an article on Yahoo about how irresponsible it was of NBC to air a private conversation between Shaun and his coach. Naturally the article goes ahead and gives a transcript of that conversation. I'd say the writer was showing enough hypocrisy for a shot at a political career.

As for the school zero tolerance policies, did you see the one where they tried to expel a kid for bringing a gun to school when the gun in question was a little plastic piece off of his GI Joe action figure? It's no wonder the education in this country is going downhill so fast when the educators are that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I remember kids writing on their desks when I was in school, and I'll bet they were doing it when desks were first invented. Zero tolerance doesn't work. It's just another excuse for the people in charge not to have to work their poor brains too hard taking things on a case by case basis. How convenient to have a one size fits all approach. Chewing gum in class? Manacle 'em , haul 'em off and 'em work over. We're lucky we don't hang people anymore. Idiots.

I can still remember in high school, a girl who was absently mindedly doodling on her desk. The teacher interrupted what he was saying with" "One more move of that pencil, Miss Gilroy, and you'll be scrubbing every desk after school." And you know what? It was sufficient. Again I say, idiots.

Adam said...

If you make a "Work hard die young stay pretty" I will buy it. Just sayin...