Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I messed up in the last two Working Daze cartoons. Bad me. I somehow either forget that the month of October exists and or that it is a binary month being the 10th month. Silly me. No defense I just messed up.

This will be addressed in future cartoons.


Jeremy said...

Don't forget November, too

Dennis said...

Laughing - I saw yesterday's cartoon and laughed aloud, "What about October 1, 10, 11?" My wife asked what I was talking about and I explained binary dates. She immediately gave me the look that said I was far too weird. When I saw this morning's cartoon, I decided to reach out to you - and saw your "ooops" post. Glad to know I'm not the only geek out there.

Hari said...

Also don't forget that the Julian dates for April 20 and 21 will be binary. Of course, someone could spoil it all by pointing out the 4 digit year doesn't allow any binary dates (too late, I know tomorrow's comic is already submitted but it would be great if Roy was recovering and Caroline told Kathy it could have been worse, at least she didn't bring up the 4 digit year and Roy goes into a coma).

Sodaburger said... said this would be addressed in future cartoons...
you've now missed 10-01-11, however
are all coming up...

(it just might take Roy's mind of his current Weight Watcher's drama)