Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hi all:

Just thought I'd check in.

We're trying to get more papers and readers for Working Daze so there will be some changes coming in the near future.

There will be a company name change and the company will change the focus of the group we pay so much attention too. We also may cut the geek jokes ever so slightly. It will still be the same the Working Daze just a bit more focused.

Oh, please write your local papers asking them to consider adding working daze.


mamafrog said...

Ya know--I have to say I've always like your comic and I've been reading it since it started. But lately it's like someone has gotten lazy. The times that you guys use some sort of photo for a background make it really distracting to read the funny bits. The two styles really clash!

scott roberts said...

Actually, there's nothing lazy about it. There's still work involved. Lazy would be no backgrounds at all. And many readers like the effect. So if we try to please everyone with contrasting opinions, we please no one.