Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24th Working Daze

Hey all:

I was really surprised (though I guess I shouldn't be) that today's Working Daze drew such political comments.  It was just a spin off cartoon from the day before when Rita thought it would be cool to make her employees change bed pans.  Yes, I did talk about insurance but that was just part of Rita's slight deranged logic.  Rita thinks she can do anything (that is the secret to her success) even if it is something she has no training in.

Interesting enough there have been studies that show many successful people are successful because they don't see their limitations therefore they don't let these limitations slow them down.  I'm too lazy to look for the references though.  But I know many successful people like this.  :)


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Dennis said...

People interject political views on most anything anymore, I tend to dislike politics as its a clear divider of people in general, truth be told people have a polarized view of things and tend to march to the beat of one party all the while staying completely hatefull towards the beliefs and logic of the opposing party, In this line of thinking nothing can be accomplished, we continue as a people to play the blame game, we refuse to try new things and we fabricate a belief in results when in fact a lot of it is mearly theory.