Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Just thought I would update the Working Daze blog.  I will try to be more active from now on.  Scott and I are pretty active on the Working Daze comment section but this is a form where I can communicate with readers on longer lengthier matters.

First off, would readers like to see more or less Roy? I actually like Roy a lot since WD is a geekcentric strip / panel I think it's important to have a geek like Roy front and center a lot.  Still we do get the occasional complaint.  I really like Roy and Kathy and am excited about their upcoming marriage.  I hope readers are too.

Second off, would readers like to see Jay hook up with anybody?  I like the idea of Jay still looking for love.  But I'm flexible.  It might be fun to explore some interoffice romance....  Don't laugh I was even kicking around the idea of Jay and Rita at an office party.  Just kidding.....  Mostly.

Finally I was amazed today be technology running amok albeit for just a few brief minutes.  First the AP's twitter feed got "hacked".  The hacker posted a bogus tweet about the president being hurt in a bombing.  Seconds after, algorithms that buying and selling stocks started selling off causing the market to drop.  Of course people figured out the president was okay quite quickly and the stocks bounced back up, but it's a bit scary how 1) easy twitter accounts are to hijack 2) how algorithms can't say "wait this doesn't make senses" 3) how many people want their news tweeted 4) how little verification there is in news these days everybody wants to be "first".

Oh, I was watching the twitter story break on CNBC (because friend of Working Daze Natalie Morris was on covering Apple) and my god man, watching all the different windows and scrolling text on the CNBC screen gave me information overload.  A scroller on top, two on the bottom, a "main story" window, an ad window, plus a couple of other windows.  Too many moving parts for my brain.  I don't need to know everything all the time.


The Working Daze book.  It's a fun read.


Adrian Jenkin said...

Wotcha mate, well for office romances I'd like to reference something I suggested back in June 2011 (smeg that's a while back) - Andre and Dana.

But to answer your question about Jay - how about Elena Belloff from the existing characters. Either she takes a fancy to him randomly or perhaps Dana does something and Jay intervenes (accidentally perhaps) in some manner and draws Elena's affection.

I don't think any of the other existing characters would work. You could give Mrs Jenson a gran/ daughter suitable for Jay and she'd be quite the person to match make - her age works for this sort of behaviour. You could also use her wealth as a seasoning.

Final though - a girl takes a shine to Jay and perhaps smartens him up some then perhaps the other ladies in the office start finding him attractive.

I'll take my commission in gold bullion and coffee please. :)

Last random thoughts - one of Ed's ex wives? Has Jay's sexuality ever been established - perhaps he's gay? Perhaps he's not and the office decides he but in denial and starts trying to set him up on dates.

That's it - I'm done writing your stories. :)

Johnzakour said...

Interesting note, Jay is not gay but there may be another gay character....