Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the 4th -- Be With You


I am really out of it when it comes to special date days.  I totally didn't know the significance of April 20th...  Or 4:20...  It certainly wasn't celebrated back when I was in college and might have heard about such types of days.  Of course I really don't mind all that much not noting that day.  It's not really a working daze type of day -- except of course for the daze part.

The thing I am sad about is not figuring out May 4th being Star Wars day!  May the Fourth be with you!  It's cute.  It's geeky.  It's Working Daze.  How long has May the 4th been Star Wars day?

Part of the problem of doing things a week or two a head is it's hard to think "what's special about that date."  I missed the Iron Man movie opening also.   Silly me.  I will try to be better in the future.



Johnzakour said...

Doh... I also forgot free comic book day.

Adrian Jenkin said...

I think this is the 2nd year I've been aware of Star Wars day.
I heard about it on twitter last year - no peeps about it the 2 years before that in my twitter feed.
Only other one which comes to mind is talk like a pirate day but I'm pretty sure you've done that at least once.