Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wars vs Trek = Silliness...

Trek and Wars thoughts from my brain.

Just wanted to say that I do think it's perfectly normal and logical to like both Star Wars and Star Trek.  The way I see it is good sf is good sf.  Both series are enjoyable in their own right.  I like the way Star Trek does show a bright future for mankind.  I love the concept of exploring strange new worlds.  I love the prime directive.  I love the fact that the franchise has been able to spawn: the original, the Next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise and the greatly under appreciated Deep Space Nine.  Plus a bunch of movies and even a reboot of the movies.  And web series... Yeah, all the movies weren't winners.  In fact some of them were cringe worthy but still all in all an enjoyable series.  Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Bones, Scotty and team are all now iconic characters no matter who is playing them.  

As for Star Wars.  Love the force.  You gotta love the force.  Sure it puts Star Wars into the fantasy category a bit but nothing wrong with that.  Light sabers are also way great.  The first three movies (which are actually the middle three movies -- I think) are ingrained in my brain.  I think I remember each time I saw each one of them.  They left me with a sense of wonder.  They made me say, hey I  want to write stuff like this.  I want to make movies like this.  While Star Wars hasn't spawned the number of TV series that Trek has it what has appeared has been quite good.  Clone Wars is quality animation.  I anxiously awake the live action series.  As for the characters: Luke, Ben, Hans, Darth and Yoda stand up there with the best of them.  

My point (such as it is) is they are both fun and entertaining.  No reason not to enjoy them both.

One small note I just noticed listing the characters, women characters didn't really plat a major role in either of these series.  (At least at first.)  What's up with that?

Finally I gotta say if push came to shove Enterprise takes Death Star easy.  But Yoda, Darth or Luke take out any star trek character one on one.  Ah the fun of speculation.



Adrian Jenkin said...

I list myself as a fan of both - although Star Wars is definitely the winner for me. I find it amusing how one-eyed some people get about them. Hell I'm currently watching StarGate SG1/Atlantis and enjoying that thoroughly also and Battlestar Galactica (BSG) will follow.
I think for me it was more the X-Wings which grabbed me - I'm an aircraft nut. Lock S-Foils in attack position!

As for the minimal role of women - it's a product of it's time. Back then women were rarely involved in any action. Just look at TOS and how ground-breaking the roles of women were considered at the time.

BSG is a great example of change - female characters in more key roles and Starbuck gets a sex change.

Lock S-Foils in attack position!

Johnzakour said...

BTW, I think even the original Enterprise would school the DS.