Monday, May 6, 2013

Thoughts on a sexist cartoon the lives of comic characters and another note

Hey all:

Today's strips and the ones for the next few days will be focused on my belly dancing e-friend: Aisha.   Rita in her infinite "wisdom" has decided to do another belly dancing app with Aisha since the first one was their best selling app ever.  Of course lots of the sales were generated by Rita's staff who bought the product over and over to bring Aisha back into the office.  It is good business sense.

One of our loyal readers called it sexist.  And well yeah he is right.  It basically shows how men will do all sorts of silly ridiculous things when women (especially well built scantly clad women) are involved.  I'm pretty sure it has something to do with genetics, survival of the fittest and the lower part of bodies being able to override our high functions.

The bottom line of these comics is: men can be silly women can wield a lot of power.  Feel free to agree or disagree I always enjoy open conversation.

I also have to admit I wanted to give Scott Roberts (our faithful artist) an easier week to draw.  Sometimes I tend to load up with words and panels -- which puts a lot of strain on Scott.  I figured he had already drawn Aisha and I could do most of the week in one or two panel gags which greatly cuts down on Scott's work load.  Also the last time we ran Aisha in a series it proved to be quite popular.  So yeah I may have taken the path of least resistance with this weeks toons but I still hope you find them entertaining.

On another note, another fan wants Sheldon from Big Bang to appear in Working Daze.  I had initially said, well Sheldon isn't a real person.  I use really people like Wil Wheaton and Colin Ferguson in Working Daze because they are real people who the Working Daze characters (who I treat as well in the strip) get to interact with.  I will admit, Sheldon does treat Wil Wheaton the same way Roy does.  But the thing is the people in the show do watch Big Bang Theory so it would be weird an awkward is Sheldon appeared in Working Daze.  Still we might have Jim Parsons pop in....  Now that is something Roy would really like.

On a totally unrelated note this is really cool.  Injectable Nanoparticles...


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