Thursday, October 30, 2008

Changes a coming

Wow big changes coming in November. (No not a new president but I guess that is important too.) United Media will be revamping the web site to hopefully make it more interact and more fun. I am assuming the change will take place on Monday but don't quote me on that.

Also the new World of Warcraft comes out in mid-November. I am so exited I accidentally gave this cartoon to Scott to draw twice. Luckily, Scott being sharper than I am figured it out before he drew it twice.


shipping troll said...

I hope that they put a comments section on it, I really enjoy that on the go-comics website, which is Universal Press I believe. I'm a comics fan and I read a ton of them every day, but I have to say that Working Daze is the only one I get by email. I'm looking forward to see the changes.

Parson said...

I went tried to go there for todays comic and it gave 404 document not found error. :(

Johnzakour said...

That's because the address has changed to: