Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Strange Daze

A quick note, today's comic originally featured a reproduction of the actual cover of The Art of War. But we changed it when our good buddies at UM legal informed us that would leave us open to liable lawsuits. Chances are very good the folks who publish The Art of War wouldn't sue us but being poor cartoonists we didn't want to take that chance!

Don't forget to go below and leave your caption for the contest. You could win a cool mug!


Anonymous said...

To be more specific, it was only one edition of the book. There are many, with entirely different covers. Since cover designs are not considered sacrosanct, every edition, hard and paperback, may have its own unique cover. Ours was slapped together in Photoshop, and this edition, as far as we know, exists only in the Working Daze world. I'm pretty sure Rita picked it up at the airport book shop.

Cassi8 said...

No visible signs of panic here - i must try harder.