Friday, October 3, 2008

Of course Dana wins in the end

Rita, is a fun character who is more misunderstood than evil as in her mind she really thinks she's doing a great job. But of course Dana had to put a stop to this.

Glad to see people seem to like the mix of fantasy / geekness and the office interactions.

As to the question of how do people end up turning back into people after being dirt? It's a comic... The great thing about writing a comic is every day is a new day with a new restart if that's what we want. Unlike us real people what comic characters do in the past doesn't have to effect their future.


shipping troll said...

Unless, of course, you are a republican politician, they seem to induce amnesia in their rabid following. They continue to succeed in election after election, no matter how much they screw the pooch. Support change, wherever it's available.

scott roberts said...

The republican's secret weapon is to instill fear of the other side in their true believers. When the fear grows great enough, all reasoned debate is impossible. I worked once with a young guy who was a staunch "Rush is right." neo-con. Anything you said that in any way drew a Rush pronouncement into debate was swiftly rebuffed with "Go ahead and live in your ivory tower." That was meant to end all discussion. Rush was right and there would be no other point of view.
Hence the GOP's fearsome grip of power over their followers.

Rrr said...

Ok everyone, hands up! Someone stole Rita’s deodorant

the latest Fill In the Blank contest

Enjoy your work


Rrr said...

Ok everyone, hands up! Someone stole Rita’s deodorant

for the latest Fill In The Blank contest

Really enjoy your work