Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why I am voting for Obama

If you are interested my thoughts on election are on my other blog.



sad littel girl said...

I am at a lose of words. To use a blog about a comic strip to push your political agenda. wow

the worst part is I really liked this blog because of the comic strip and how much it just put a bright spot in my day of stress.


I guess I’m really just tired of every one with any type of influences pushing there views on others, in school and work and now in the comics.

I can not wait tell this election is over, and not because I believe either of them will bring even part of what they say to the table, but so all of this will stops(false hope and dividing lines). Because nothing will change, because America dose not want change. For if we did, we would change and not wait for someone to make the change for us.

Johnzakour said...

I treat my blog space like I do my friends. I let them know where I stand and why I am standing there. I feel they get to know me better.

That said I too will be so glad when all this over.