Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yes a baby

Hey all:

Yes we going to slowly (after 9 months) add a baby to Maria's day.  I think it will be fun to shake up Maria's world a little.  Maybe even give Maria a taste of her own medicine if the baby is a mini-Maria.  But if that turns out to be the case I pity her poor mom and dad.   It's still very early in the pregnancy so we aren't sure yet if it's a girl, boy or twins.

Which means we need to kick around some boys and girls names.  I'm sure Maria will have her own naming suggestions but none Mom and Dad use.  Or will they?

Stay tuned.....



Phoenix said...

OK, so if you are going real-time with the arrival of the new sibling does that also mean Maria will gradually age also, or will it be like Peanuts where Rerun arrived but nobody aged?

Johnzakour said...

I was thinking that same thing. It will be like Rerun.

Ather said...

Can't go wrong with Kevin.

Adrian Jenkin said...

+1 for Kevin
Mik for a girl - Mikayla or one of it's many spellings. I've yet to meet a Mik (Miky) who's not had a massive attitude. I've gone one who'll be turning 19 next Sunday. :)