Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blogging Gifts

Hi all,

Part of the reason for the blog is for us to have more of an open relationship between us and our readers.

Along those lines each month we will send one Working Daze mug to the reader who asks the best question or gives us the most interesting feedback. How will we decide what is "the best"? Whatever Scott and I like the most.

We will also be having other contests and things throughout the months. We want this to be an interactive experience for those who want an interactive experience.

The above cartoon was certainly one of my favorite this month. Why? I'm not totally sure. I guess it shows Roy using his geekness to his full advantage.

Random Rants / Thoughts (such as they are)

Man, that Bill Gates / Seinfeld commercial has already been canned. Too bad I kind of thought it was cool in weird sort of mean nothing way.

I still wouldn't rule out a Bill Gates run at president someday.

I'm actually getting tired of both sides in this upcoming election. Both sides have this we're right and you're wrong attitude. Can you say partisan?

I miss Dr. Who....


Lace said...

I miss Dr Who too.

But the first one, not the latest incarnation!

Happy Monday guys!

shipping troll said...

It's not the Dr I miss so much as Rose! Love that bird.

Have you considered that if you were to make a cartoon likeness of Steven Colbert he is very likely to show it on his show, and thereby promote your awesome geekness? Just a thought since he is such a true self promoter.

David "the preacher" said...

Seinfeld/Bill Gates commercial--

While I found it funny and entertaining (Bill Gates adjusting his underwear busted me up) it was not nearly as much fun as the old Seinfeld T.V. show. Why? Because a show about nothing turned into a show about the trivial pursuit of a group of hapless losers-- however, the commercial was a commercial about nothing.. NOTHING was pushed-- nothing promoted.. was it about shoes, churros, Jerry and Bill as the new Abbott & Costello/Laurel & Hardy.. It just did not go anywhere.

I've never seen Dr. Who, but I have heard his cool theme song.